Tips To Lessen Your Heating Expenses This Winter

Are you looking for strategies to save money on your heating bill? In the United States, the average annual heating expense is $1,500. And for those who heat their homes with gas rather than electricity, their bills are projected to rise. While you may not be able to influence oil costs, you can improve the way your home keeps warm and how you use your appliances.

1. Service The Furnace
There are times when you must spend in order to save. At the very least, this is true when it comes to lowering your heating expense. It will cost you between $80 and $200 to hire a professional from E & M HVAC Inc. for heating installation in Cleveland or to inspect your furnace once a year, but you will get to know if something’s wrong in your system then and there.

Similarly, replace your air filter at the beginning of each season and at least once right before the colder months. You can acquire an air filter for $15, but if you have the money, spend $20 to $30 on a decent one. Leaks in ductwork require the services of a professional, but you can save hundreds of dollars each year by getting them fixed because 30% of hot air is wasted due to leaks in ductwork.

2. Make Sure Your Home is Properly Insulated
Check for draughts around pipes, doors, windows, and electrical and cable outlets, then seal all cracks in your home. Many of these issues can be resolved with the use of inexpensive draught blockers and outlet sealers. For approximately $250, you can hire a professional to come in and seal cracks around windows and doors, or you can do it yourself over the course of a weekend.

You’ll also want to double-check that your home’s insulation is in good shape. If snow melts quickly off your roof or forms icicles, you have an insulation problem. Sealing these flaws will save you roughly 10% of your monthly expenses.

3. Reduce The Temperature On The Thermostat
People are overpaying to maintain their homes at an uncomfortably high temperature. Professionals recommend keeping the temperature at 68 degrees during the day and 60 degrees at night.

Another approach to saving money is turning off the heat while no one is home on a workday. Here’s where a smart thermostat really shines. Set yours to turn back on 30 minutes before you arrive home, so the house is warm when you enter, and you can save up to 20% of your monthly bill.

4. Use A Humidifier
A humidifier can help you stay warm without substantially increasing your heating expenditure. We’d like to keep the humidity in the house during the winter because we know that water traps heat.

When the heat is turned on, moist air feels warmer than dry air, so use a humidifier. This will also help you save money on your heating bill by reducing static electricity.

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