Tips And Tricks To Deal With Faulty Thermostats

Faulty thermostats have improper temperature regulation, increase the electricity expenses, and many more issues.. Yes, it is real trouble. But here we are to help with some tips and tricks to deal with common thermostat issues.

1. The Air Conditioner Suddenly Stops Working

Check whether the thermostat’s display is lit. If not, the thermostat will not signal the air conditioner to cycle on.

  • Replace The Batteries (For Electronic Thermostats)

If your thermostat is digital, try replacing the batteries to see if that fixes the problem. Replace the batteries in your digital thermostat once every year.

  • Clean The Thermostat (For Mechanical Thermostats)

Over time, mechanical thermostats can start to malfunction because of dust. Shut off the thermostat breaker and take off the cover. Clean the buildup of dirt, soot, cigarette smoke, or dust carefully with a soft brush or canned compressed air.

  • Check And Test Wires And Wire Connections

Try removing the thermostat cover and check for loose wiring or terminal screws that need to be tightened.

In case of signs of corrosion on the wiring, use the wiring schematic in the owner’s manual as a replacement guide. Or replace the thermostat by searching for AC repair in Cleveland, OH.

2. Room Temperature Never Reaches The Thermostat’s Setting

  • Make sure it is well-cleaned to remove any buildup of grime.
  • To avoid thermostat temperature discrepancies, place a carpenter’s level above or below the thermostat and adjust it to be on the sitting level.
  • A stuck heat anticipator is another possible reason if the thermostat is a mechanical model. Remove the cover and locate the anticipator. Look for a little metal arm sitting on a circular dial. Push the arm gently in either direction so that it becomes free.
  • Relocate it from areas with exposure to direct sunlight, other heat sources, or cold drafts or from isolated spots away from the living areas.

3. Frequent Short Cycling Or Continuous Running

A thermostat that doesn’t sit or is dirty inside can trigger short cycling and almost continuous operation, eroding energy efficiency. Follow the instructions to check for and resolve these two issues first.

Another possible cause is a poorly calibrated anticipator. Move the anticipator arm in single-notch increments toward the marking for “longer”. This to be done on the round dial to lengthen the cooling cycle. Wait for an improvement while letting the AC complete a full cycle in between adjustments.

If your AC or heater is constantly running, your thermostat may just be set to “ON.” Set it to “AUTO” so that your cooling/heating system isn’t constantly running. Set the temperature 5 degrees lower than normal and higher than normal in summer and winter, respectively.

When you turn the thermostat up or down, a click is heard. To see if your supply registers blow out the air or if your return vents suck in air, wait for a few minutes.

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