This Is What Happens If You Do Not Change Your Air Filters On Time

Ever thought about why there is so much dirt and dust in your home all of a sudden? The reason for the dust accumulation in your home maybe because of the dirty air filters in your air conditioner. The main motive of air filters is to prevent dust and dirt from entering and accumulating in your home, but when they are not cleaned and taken care of, they are not so effective. Air filters play a massive role in maintaining the air quality of your home and need to be serviced from time to time for proper functioning.

Consequences That Might Arise If You Do Not Change Your AC Air Filters

Changing your air filters might not seem as essential, but it is to do so. The air quality of your home depends on the air filters present in your air conditioners. You might want to consider changing your ac air filters because of the following reasons.

Dust Buildup On The Blower And Ducts

Air filters have a life span like any other device and component. After prolonged usage, dust and antigens are going to be captured on the surface of the filters, and it becomes nearly impossible to clean them.

Air filters should be replaced from time to time to avoid the blockage of cool air in your air conditioning systems. Accumulation of dust and dirt in the AC air filters makes the system less efficient and can cause damage to the internal components of the system as well.

Insufficient Cooling

Dirty air filters may be the reason your air conditioner is not as effective as before. Air filters with dust accumulated on them tend to block the cool air and lead to insufficient cooling. This could also result in increased energy usage.

Short Cycling

Another common problem that arises if you do not change your air filters in time is short cycling. An air conditioner is supposed to turn on and off at frequent time intervals but due to the grimy air filter, this may occur more often and can cause short cycling. Short cycling results in unusual temperature changes and reduced efficiency of the system.

Moisture and Mold:

Air filters when not changed frequently can cause mold to form on the ducts of your system leading to a molding outbreak. Molding on the ducts can become a serious problem in the future as you would have to replace all the ducts from scratch.

Wear and Tear:

If you continue ignoring the replacement of your air filters, it might get serious as time goes by. It is not just the air filters that will stop functioning, but also other components of your air conditioner will be jammed due to the accumulated dust particles.

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