Signs Your Central Air Conditioning Needs Recharging

Suppose you noticed that whenever your central AC conditioning isn’t producing the cold air you expected, it surely needs to be recharged. Like most other electronic equipment air conditioning also need maintenance. If you are facing any cooling issues, calling a professional to take a look is the first step.

Does AC Need To Recharge?

Every electronic machine needs some recharge after a certain period. Perfect maintenance is needed to keep them alive and in good condition. It is important to check if it needs a recharge. The simplest way is to check your AC, place your hands in front of the vent and feel the temperature. If it is comparatively less cool, then it may need a recharge. Then you need an air conditioning repair professional. You can easily get them from air conditioning repair Cleveland. Since 1922 we have been servicing the best technicians.

5 Signs your AC needs a recharge

  • Ac is working, but the room isn’t cool

This is the common issue we will feel when your AC is not properly working. Instead of cool air, warm air will be coming out of the vent. This shows it might be having some refrigerant problem. This may happen due to the low professional maintenance that you have given to your AC.

  • Ice buildup on the refrigerant line

This may happen when the evaporator coil cools down too much, causing the cold refrigerant to flow back into the system. This can be the reason for low surface temperatures, which condensed the water vapor in the air to freeze. Then don’t wait for the condition to get worse. Immediately, you can call air condition repair Cleveland professionals for your assistance.

  • Higher electricity bills

When you get higher electricity bills, please check your working AC. If the AC is working continuously without cooling your room, then AC takes a long time to cool means it is consuming a lot of energy. This waste of energy can reflect on your bills. Perfect AC repair and maintenance are important for saving money on your bills.

  • Hissing or bubbling sound from the refrigerant line

If there is a freon leak from the AC, it is not easily identified. However, large leaks can be heard from the refrigerant line. AC will make some bubbling sound when a freon leak happens. Talented technicians could only fix this condition.

  • AC clutch fails to engage

When we set the AC to maximum coldness, we will be able to hear the clicking sound of the AC clutch engaging. The clutch engages with a signal pressure from the AC pressure switch. The pressure switch will not activate when the cooling level is set too low, and the pressure switch will not activate, so the clutch can’t activate. Without this process, the AC will not be able to circulate even in a low refrigerant. This may shut down the performance of AC.


We recommend you call a professional from AC repair from Cleveland to handle such issues. A/C Repair Cleveland has experts who have seen and dealt with such situations. We would love to help you with any problems related to AC. Feel free to connect with us.

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