Reasons Why Your AC Turns ON Every 5 Minutes

The issue of AC constantly turning ON every 5 minutes is a huge problem that can affect the lifetime of the AC and also cause other problems like increased electricity charge. Some of the reason responsible for the constant fluctuation in the AC are:

1. Thermostat Location

The major purpose of a thermostat is to send signals to the AC unit whether to stay on or off based on the temperature that is prevalent in the surrounding area. If the thermostat is located in an open environment with extreme heat exposure, then the system might get confused regarding the temperature and keep constantly turning on and off.

Hiring an expert in air conditioning repair service in Cleveland would be the best option to know the right place to fix the thermostat.

2. Small Cooling Unit

If the fixed AC system is too small for the house, then the house might get delayed in cooling, and thus, the thermostat gets confused and keeps turning on or fluctuating constantly. Therefore, you should focus on the size of the house and the size of the air conditioner before purchasing it.

3. Malfunctioning Thermostat

When the thermostat in the AC doesn’t function properly, it might send wrong signals to the AC unit, making the unit turn on AC automatically. Poor maintenance or inconsistent cleaning can turn your AC faulty. Communicate with AC repair service in Cleveland, OH, to understand ways to maintain the thermostat.

4. Electricity Issue

Electricity fluctuations can also lead to faulty thermostat reading. If the electricity in the locality is not consistent and keeps altering regularly, the current received by the AC will also vary, making the AC turn on every 5 minutes or so.

5. Unclean Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are generally placed outside the house and are exposed to harsh environments and extreme climatic conditions. They might cause the condenser coil to get dirty easily, hindering the AC from functioning properly. Getting air conditioning repair in Cleveland to solve the problem with the condenser coil and to clean it properly can help.

6. Trouble With The AC Run Capacitor

A run capacitor in an AC offers the initial power for it to turn on. If there is an issue with the run capacitor, it might fail to provide the AC with the required amount of energy to sustain and will constantly keep buffering. This can also cause fluctuation in the AC and turn it ON regularly.

7. Restrained Airflow

Owing to dirty air filters, there is a chance of airflow being congested. This will cause the evaporator coil to freeze. When the evaporator coil freezes, the AC unit automatically turns ON and OFF. AC repair in Cleveland, OH, can fix this, as the technician will replace the faulty air filters and fix a clean air filter to resolve the problem.

With some maintenance work, your AC can last long, and you can fix the issue of the unit turning on every 5 minutes. E & M HVAC inc can help you in solving the issue of AC fluctuation. To get the best air conditioner services, call us at (216) 334-2653.

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