Is It Worth Replacing A Compressor On An Air Conditioning Unit?

A central air conditioning unit is made of many parts, the most important of which is the compressor. In this article, we’ll address the problems a compressor faces and should you replace your compressor after it’s broken?

What Does A Compressor Do?

The purpose of the compressor is to circulate the refrigerant throughout the central air conditioner. It creates a pressure difference so that the refrigerant can absorb the heat inside your home and disperse it outside. Compressor problems aren’t unheard of but they can be expensive to fix. So, here is a small checklist to help you figure out whether your compressor is broken or not:

  1. The system blows out warm or hot air only.
  2. The circuit breaker trips constantly once you’ve turned on the unit.
  3. The outside unit vibrates or makes excessive noise when turned on/off.
  4. The inner or outer unit makes a constant noise during operation.
  5. The compressor doesn’t turn on even when your AC is on and the fan is working.

While these seem like simple problems, they cannot be fixed on your own. Instead, you’ll have to hire a service for AC repair in Cleveland, OH to help you out. Here are three steps to help you figure out the process of replacing a compressor.

3 Steps To Replacing Your Compressor

Step 1: Call A Technician

Sometimes the issue isn’t the compressor, it’s some other part. Before you decide that the compressor is broken and needs replacement, consult with a professional. When you search for “AC repair near me” you will be able to find a technician who can provide you with a consultation.

Step 2: Check The Warranty

If your air conditioner warranty is still valid, take advantage. You can get a replacement for the broken compressor for free. You only have to pay the labor costs to the contractor. A contractor that provides AC repair Cleveland, OH should be able to tell you whether the warranty is still valid or not.

Step 3: Compare The Cost

Don’t compare the cost of two compressors. Instead, compare the cost of replacing a compressor and the labor against the cost of getting a new unit. Chances are there isn’t much of a difference between the two.

Should You Replace The Compressor?

If you’re 100% sure that your compressor is broken, you should consider replacing your entire outdoor unit. When the cost of each is considered, the difference is marginal. This is an excellent option if your unit is no longer covered by a warranty.

Choosing a new unit, or even replacing a compressor is not a small decision. You should always consult with a contractor who will give you unbiased judgment. For residents of OH, the best contractor is E & M HVAC Inc. With their 10 years of experience, they can easily help you out with all HVAC problems. you can find a list of their services by visiting their website: or by calling (216) 334-2653.

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