Is It Worth Buying A High-Efficiency Furnace?

High-efficiency furnaces are worthwhile for a variety of reasons. High-efficiency furnaces are more expensive initially, but they will save you money on your energy costs and increase the comfort of your house.

A condensing gas furnace is a high-efficiency gas furnace. This heating system, unlike ordinary furnaces, features a second heat exchanger that collects additional heating energy before the furnace exhausts gasses and this extra heat outdoors via PVC pipes.

If you’re still not persuaded, consider the following six reasons to upgrade to a high-efficiency furnace.

1. Reduced Energy Costs

One of the most significant advantages of high-efficiency furnaces is lower energy costs. These heating systems have a high-efficiency rating, which means they use less fuel to heat your house, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.

A gas furnace’s fuel usage efficiency, or AFUE, is measured. This symbol denotes the yearly fuel use efficiency. It determines how efficiently your furnace uses natural gas to generate heat. The higher the rating, the more heat you’ll get and the more energy efficient it will be.

2. There is Less Noise

Since it doesn’t have to work too hard or burn as hot to heat your house, a high-efficiency gas furnace is often considerably quieter than ordinary furnaces. It is very useful for individuals who need to sleep or study in a quiet atmosphere. A two-stage furnace produces less noise than a single-stage furnace because it may operate slower.

3. Improved Air Quality Indoors

High-efficiency gas furnaces offer more air filtration to collect pollutants before they can damage your air, which is particularly beneficial for individuals who live in places where dust and other toxins are abundant.

4. Environmentally Friendly

High-efficiency furnaces are an environmentally friendly way to heat your house. They have a high energy efficiency rating, saving money on natural gas while lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Additional Rebates

Purchasing a high-efficiency furnace from our stores of heating installation in the Cleveland area, particularly one that is highly rated, may qualify you for further incentives. A gas furnace that has received this accreditation must meet stringent requirements for natural gas-to-heat applications.

The following are the yearly fuel efficiency standards:

  • For northern regions, AFUE should be at least 95%.
  • For southern regions, AFUE should be at least 90%.

You’ll benefit from decreased energy expenditures over the life of your furnace, in addition to the substantial rebates and increased comfort it provides.

6. Smart Thermostat Compatibility

Most households have a programmed thermostat for their gas furnace, but they don’t know how to operate it. The Energy Research and Social Science journal published 192-person research that found:

  • 42% of people couldn’t figure out how to operate the thermostat.
  • Fourteen percent had no idea where the settings were.
  • 25% knew where the settings were but couldn’t figure out how to change them.

If you use a smart thermostat, you won’t have to guess about maintaining your house at an energy-efficient temperature. Your thermostat will learn your preferred temperature and save energy for your high-efficiency gas furnace. Just search the plumbing service near me and call E & M HVAC INC. at (216) 334-2653.

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