How Do You Troubleshoot A Furnace Problem?

Sometimes, the furnace system works strangely, fails to provide comfort, and indicates repair through many malfunctions. Usually, this happens when the furnace lacks a tune-up or has reached its lifespan. If you are running into this issue, immediately call an HVAC contractor in Cleveland for furnace repair.

However, it will be a waste of time and money if the technician troubleshoots the furnace simply by correcting the thermostat settings, replacing a filter, or through other easy-to-do tasks. Therefore, you should troubleshoot the furnace yourself before calling a technician.

How Do You Troubleshoot A Furnace Problem?

Sometimes, your furnace may not need a professional but only a few simple changes. The common furnace issues and ways to troubleshoot them are listed below.

  • Uneven Or Poor Heating

Check the thermostat when you experience a sudden decrease in room heating or uneven temperature. Ensure it suits your region’s climate. Verify that the “Heat” mode is ON and the thermostat’s battery is not dead. It is wise to install a smart thermostat to avoid inaccurate temperature-related issues.

  • Cold Air From The Furnace

If your furnace has started cooling instead of heating, it probably lacks antifreeze. The other reason can be clogging. The first thing an HVAC owner should do is clean the furnace. Then, replace its air filter and clear the blocked drainage.

An air filter requires replacement once every 90 days to prevent blockage. If you have cleaned your furnace system and the coolant level is also enough, but still your furnace is unable to heat the room, you should look for furnace repair near me online to fix the malfunctioning central heater. 

  • Increased Utility Bills

If your furnace is causing an increase in the electricity bills without increasing the daily usage, the clogging or jammed motor is responsible for the over-consumption of energy.

If your furnace system is clean, check the furnace motor. If your motor has jammed, lubricate it according to the owner’s manual’s instructions.

  • No Pilot Flame

If the pilot light fails to burn the flame, ensure the gas supply is ON. You can find the gas supply switch near the gas valve. If it is OFF, turn the gas supply ‘ON’.

The other reason for this problem can be a faulty flame sensor and a dirty pilot light. When the pilot light is extremely dirty, you have to clean it by removing it carefully.

  • Not Working At All

If your furnace suddenly stops working, the reason is a tripped circuit breaker. Locate the circuit breaker box and restart it. Severe damage like a cracked heat exchanger, faulty ignitor, and blower fan cause this problem too. You will have to look for furnace repair near me to fix such HVAC damages. 

To Sum Up

If you have followed all the steps and your furnace still is not working properly with the same issue, it’s time to hire a reputable HVAC contractor in Cleveland. E & M HVAC Inc. can fix your faulty furnace at a fair price. In addition to HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation, we provide electrical and plumbing solutions in Cleveland, Beachwood, and surrounding areas.

We have qualified, experienced, and certified technicians for all our services. Contact us at 216-334-2653 for a furnace inspection and repair.

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