7 Signs Your AC Tune Up Is Due

Regular AC tune up are required to keep your air conditioning system running efficiently. If your AC suddenly starts acting strangely, it needs immediate professional attention. A timely AC tune-up saves you money and the hassle of costly repairs.

For an air conditioner to work efficiently, it requires regular maintenance. Getting tune-up services early also helps you save money on replacements, repairs, and energy bills. Schedule an AC tune-up by searching for a professional AC repair near me.

Seven Warning Signs to Look Out For During Maintenance Check

1. Fails to regulate the humidity level

Most of the time, the air conditioner automatically controls the humidity level in the room. Still, if it is not, it must be due to the low refrigerant level or the evaporator coil is not cooling sufficiently to condition the air flowing into the room. In that case, you should seek professional help.

2. Your AC is making unusual sounds

If the airflow is partially obstructed, the air conditioning unit will normally produce a buzzing sound as it attempts to push the air past the obstruction, creating discernible sounds. A humming or raspy sound is produced if the blades are damaged and not moving quickly. When a motor dies, it emits a humming sound.

3. Leakage

An unusual amount of water accumulating near your air conditioner indicates that the unit has a leakage issue. If your air conditioner smells moldy, the most likely cause lies in the drain pan, ducts, or drip lines which can promote the growth of fungus or mildew and need to be addressed as soon as possible before things worsen.

4. Weak airflow issues

If the air conditioner’s air filters are clogged or the ducts leak, the system produces poor airflow. Dust, debris, or grime can clog air filters or ducts, preventing air from flowing through the system. Once you have noticed the system’s airflow is insufficient, consult a professional.

5. Bad odor

Your air conditioner may emit a foul odor due to various factors such as wet filters, a clog in the condensate drain line, or fungus buildup. Signing up for a routine AC tune up ensures that your unit is clean and well-maintained.

6. Fluctuation in utility bills

If your air conditioner is constantly cycling on and off, your utility bills may skyrocket, indicating something is wrong with your air conditioner.

7. Incorrect thermostat readings

Temperature fluctuations can be triggered by various factors, including sunlight, insulation, and airtight windows. Make certain that all windows and doors in rooms with uneven temperatures are properly sealed.

To Sum Up

The best way to avoid these problems is to search for an annual AC tune-up or Google ‘AC replacement near me’ to help identify potentially dangerous causes of temperature changes. AC tune-ups include advanced treatment to improve the performance of your unit.

Seeking a reliable HVAC contractor for the job, E&M HVAC Inc. is the right company to get the job done at an affordable price. Get your air conditioner inspected as soon as possible to determine the exact cause and keep it in good working order.

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