7 Signs That Suggest You Should Replace or Repair Your Home Air Conditioner

To replace or not to replace? This dilemma has bothered almost every homeowner at one point or another. There are times when air conditioners just require a minor tune-up or repair from a technician offering AC repairs in Cleveland, OH. In other cases, one would benefit much more from letting go of the previous system entirely.

Why Should One Consider Air Conditioning Repairs Cleveland, OH?

Investing in repairs has its fair share of advantages in comparison to replacements. It would be beneficial to repair a replacement in the following cases –

  • Drainage issues

Every AC possesses a drain through which the moisture or condensed water can flow. However, if one finds certain damp patches around the AC or in other regions around the AC, it shows that the drainage system is broken or non-functional somehow.

  • Decreased airflow

The inability of a system to cool a room can also be due to the state of the output vents. These vents could see a build-up of debris which will obstruct the cold air from coming out.

  • Thermostat ineffectiveness

In some cases, the thermostat could lose its effectiveness due to a disconnect between the unit and the thermostat. This will mean that despite one’s effort to set the desired temperature using the thermostat, the unit will not respond to the change.

  • 50/50 chances

There are times when the AC system could do with a replacement or a repair, as seen in units that are between five to seven years old. If the AC can be repaired for a lesser amount and will not require further repairs for a significant time, it would be better to repair it rather than replace it.

  • Increased cycle frequency

A normal air conditioner can cool a room in a span of 15 to 20 minutes. This cool air lasts for about 2 to 3 hours, after which the AC will turn on again for another cooling cycle. However, as the AC ages, this cycle frequency increases which means that the cool air will remain for less than two hours.

  • Noisy units

AC’s, especially the more recent models, are silent. However, these units can sometimes make noises due to a variety of reasons. In some cases, the noises are because a component becomes loose inside the unit. Thus, every time the unit is turned out, loud sounds like banging or squealing occur. However, if there is a screaming sound coming from the unit, it requires an immediate replacement.

  • Odors

Given the moist conditions present in the AC, there is a high possibility of the growth of the microorganisms in the unit. Therefore, algae, mold, or bacteria will lead to abnormal smells coming from the unit. To get rid of this, the unit will have to be cleaned out completely. If this build-up is left in the system for long enough, it may cause lasting damage.

Be it a repair or a replacement, the only way to be sure is by consulting a technician. A quick inspection will help to determine the extent of damage sustained. Therefore, if one requires either service, one can book an appointment on the website for the best customer service and repairs!

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