10 Tips to Keep You and Your House Cool This Summer

Summer means going to the beach, wearing flowy clothes, and getting a break from school! But the harsh reality is that summer also comes with sweat, moisture, and humidity. And you can’t always distract yourself from it with beach outings. Some days you have to sit in your home all day. Cool!

Most people choose to comfort themselves from the scorching summer heat via ACs. But, it isn’t the best option if you consider your next month’s finances. Plus, let’s not forget about greenhouse gas emissions and global warming! 

Instead, follow along with these ten tips that will keep you and your house cool this summer, all while being cost-effective:

  • Close your blinds

Some people live under the false assumption that keeping their blinds and windows open will cool down their room even during summer. But, there is no better way to cool down the humidity in your room than shutting those windows and blinds. 

  • Block the heat

As the last point suggests, it’s best to solve the problem from its root. Invest in pieces that prevent sunlight from entering your room. So keep your blinds closed, or invest in some black-out curtains. Other options include tinted windows or huge flower pots that cast shadows all over your room.

  • Adjust ceiling fans

If your ceiling fan is set to rotate in a clockwise motion, it is just moving hot air around. To generate cool air, choose a fan that rotates anti-clockwise. It’ll move the humid air upwards and allow the room to cool down.

Similarly, a clockwise fan works best during winter.

  • Close doors and seal gaps

The best way to extend the coolness of a room is to keep the room’s door closed. Look out for any gaps, and get them fixed.

  • Open up during the evening

The temperature cools down a lot after the sunsets. So take advantage of this and allow cool air to enter your house by keeping your doors (if you have a safety door installed) and windows open.

  • Chill out, not chill on

Take care of yourself by splurging on cold drinks and taking cold showers. Additionally, always carry wet wipes with you wherever you go.

  • Hack a fan

A clever way to enjoy cool air is to place a bowl of ice in front of your table fan. Cool air doesn’t have to break your bank!

  • Choose cotton

Cotton is a fabric that allows your skin to breathe comfortably beneath the summer heat. Also, opt for light-colored clothes that don’t soak up heat.

  • Change your light bulbs

Some light bulbs use a lot of energy for very little work. If you believe they might be the reason behind the warm air in your room, then maybe it’s time to choose energy-saving light bulbs.

  • Increase the AC Temperature

Increasing your AC’s temperature by 1 degree can reduce the running cost by 10%. Such a small step can help save you a ton of money. When you’re looking to buy an air conditioner, choose one with a high-energy star rating. I was hoping you could get a new one by searching for an AC replacement near me online.


But none of these tips question the need for air conditioners. ACs are not just a luxury but rather a necessity. So, service your AC regularly through E & M HVAC. They’re your one-stop-shop for AC replacement in Cleveland, OH.

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